Real Estate Investors:
It's Time to Outsource your Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping, Coaching, and Assistance for

We believe that there are only four numbers you NEED to know in order to get control of your real estate investment business. Get our Calculator or sign up for our Web Class to learn more!


We help real estate investors with cash-flowing assets protect & understand their finances, without forcing them to spend hours at their desk on Quickbooks.

House Flippers

It's time to pay yourself! We help house flippers keep track of their projects and their profits, without overpaying taxes. Get clear, action-approved feedback.

Retail & Wholesale

Time is money and it's all about the money! That's why we help Realtors and Wholesalers get out of the office and back to building their businesses.

Property Managers

We hear it all the time - bookkeeping isn’t your job! We get it. That's why we help property managers get out of the office and back to building their businesses.

Apartment Syndicators

We consistently see property managers that do great work in leasing and maintenance, but their accounting is a little messy. That's where we come in.

According to a US Bank Study


of ALL businesses FAIL due to cash flow problems, which is why Entrepreneur Magazine says bookkeeping is the FIRST thing your business needs to outsource.

We offer full service bookkeeping exclusively to real estate investors.

About Me

I'm Ben Day, owner of Lionshare Bookkeeping, and my team and I give business owners like you back the 3 things you got into business for:

TIME: Entrepreneurial advice all over the world is based on one undeniable truth: your time is your biggest resource. How much of it are you spending on accounting instead of building your business and increasing your profits?

MONEY: What cash are you wasting on late fees, poor decisions, or indecision? How many mistakes have you made along the way? What are those mistakes costing you in taxes, or expensive CPA time?

SANITY: How many hats are you wearing in your business? Imagine how nice it would be if you had a professional on your side, giving you instant access to game changing information and keeping tabs on the pulse of your business.

Lionshare Bookkeeping delivers consistent bookkeeping designed to help real estate investors make better decisions, seamlessly integrating with your business, tools, and team - all from secure, cloud-based software.

Ben Day