Retail & Wholesale

It’s all about the money!

Whether you’re selling a house on the MLS or assigning one from a mailing list, Realtors and Wholesalers meet in exactly three ways:

  1. Someone is buying a house
  2. Someone is selling a house
  3. You had better get paid

We help Realtors and Wholesalers get out of the office and back to building their businesses. Great bookkeeping keeps your taxes in check, gives you peace of mind in your own finances, and frees you to go find the next buyer, the next seller, or the next deal for yourself.

Services include:

  • Income & expenses per deal
  • Isolate and understand your return on your marketing
  • Maximize tax deductions
  • Approve bills instead of putting them together yourself
  • Deliver accurate, detailed reports to your Bankers, Business Partners, and Tax Planner
  • Guaranteed satisfaction
calculator on office desk side view, pen and papers

Ready to get started?

At Lionshare, EVERY service includes quality time with an expert accountant who knows your business.

Plus, if we’re not delivering on time, we refund your money - guaranteed!