Bookkeeping for House Flipping

It's time to pay yourself!

Flipping houses isn’t like other businesses. There’s lots of cash, huge costs, and your finished product is at the mercy of the market. One wrong decision can cost you thousands. One mistake can ruin your profit. Most of the time, those profits are based on the analysis before the purchase, not the actual costs.

We help house flippers keep track of their projects and their profits, without overpaying taxes. Our clients get clear, action-approved feedback on what they have, what they can use, and what they need to save.

Services include:

  • Income & expenses per property
  • Track your Balance Sheet, rehab budget, loans, and equity
  • Protection from Tax Overpayment
  • Delegate bill pay and approve them when they’re ready
  • Deliver accurate, detailed reports to your Bankers, Business Partners, and Tax Planner
  • Guaranteed satisfaction
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Ready to get started?

At Lionshare, EVERY service includes quality time with an expert accountant who knows your business.

Plus, if we’re not delivering on time, we refund your money - guaranteed!