Investment Tracking for Syndicators

When you go through the trouble of raising funds for a real estate deal, you’d like to know that the deal is working the way it needs to.

We consistently see property managers that do great work in leasing and maintenance, but their accounting is a little messy. That leaves you, the asset manager, in charge of sorting the mess in time to make distributions instead of finding the next deal.

We work with syndicators and their teams to make sure every single person understands their finances. No guessing, no rounding, no busy work.

Services include:

  • Income & expenses per property, per syndication
  • Run reports you can give your owners, backed up by documentation
  • Approve owner payouts instead of putting them together yourself
  • Separate your books from your owners and figure out how well you’re doing
  • Guaranteed satisfaction
Time and money on the scale with young woman

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At Lionshare, EVERY service includes quality time with an expert accountant who knows your business.

Plus, if we’re not delivering on time, we refund your money - guaranteed!