Bookkeeping for Property Management

We hear it all the time - bookkeeping isn’t your job!

You spend every day making sure someone else’s assets are working the way they should. When the end of the month rolls around, two big things keep you up at night:

  1. Will my customers be happy with the payments I send them?
  2. Will I have enough money for my business after I pay them?

We help property managers get out of the office and back to building their businesses. Great bookkeeping keeps customers happy, gives you peace of mind in your own finances, and frees you to go find the next customer, the next tenant, or the next deal for yourself.

Services include:

  • Income & expenses per property, per owner
  • Run reports you can give your owners, backed up by documentation
  • Automate rent collection
  • Approve owner payouts instead of putting them together yourself
  • Separate your books from your customers and figure out how well you’re doing
  • Guaranteed satisfaction
Office supplies with money and documents on wooden background

Ready to get started?

At Lionshare, EVERY service includes quality time with an expert accountant who knows your business.

Plus, if we’re not delivering on time, we refund your money - guaranteed!