S.M.A.R.T. Leverage System & CFO Services

Helping Real Estate Investors transform their slow-growth businesses into cash generating machines.

This exclusive, high performance system is separate from our standard bookkeeping services. We combine our knowledge of the REI industry with high-impact advisory services in a step-by-step process, getting our client closer to their goals and putting more cash in their pockets.

What this is not:

  • A get-rich-quick scheme: parts of this system will be easy, some will be hard
  • Done-For-You Growth: If you're not working the system, we part ways
  • A 1031 Exchange "One-Trick-Pony" Program
  • Tax advisory services
  • Financial advisory services
  • "Just" bookkeeping

What this is:

  • A strategic partnership with experts in real estate cash flow analysis and action
  • Access to our in-house database of RE business cash flow information, showing you how you're doing compared to your competition on a national level
  • A long-term cash flow improvement program
  • Collaboration between entrepreneurs willing to do whatever it takes to grow and maximize your business

To qualify for our S.M.A.R.T. Leverage system, you:

  • need to have a bookkeeping system in place - we prefer ours 🙂
  • need to be generating a minimum of $500,000 a year in sales in your company
  • know you're ready to bring in a cash flow advisor-wizard-extraordinaire
  • need to be willing to take massive action
  • need to be coachable
  • need to be willing to dedicate at least 12 months to this system

Pricing: Outsourced Bookkeeping is charged at our regular rate. The additional features, systems, and accountability in the S.M.A.R.T. Leverage do not have a pre-set, "due-up-front" fee: if it doesn't work for you, we don't charge anything. Instead, we calculate our S.M.A.R.T. fee based on the growth we can get for your business.