Join The Team!

Lionshare Bookkeeping is focused on empowering Real Estate Investors with financial clarity by delivering quality financial statements and engaging, tactical analysis. We're looking for bookkeepers who are able to work with us on a monthly basis for a long-term position.

If you know us, you know you'll be working on Real Estate books. If you know Real Estate, you know that the only thing consistent about this kind of bookkeeping is that houses are involved. Not only will you need to be incredibly detail oriented, but you'll also need to be patient, resourceful, a little creative, and an absolute Rockstar.

We work all over the United States as a virtual, unstoppable team. We believe the best work happens when we're energized in all areas of our life, and our goal is to maintain a healthy life-work balance. We believe honesty and integrity are critical if we're going to accomplish great things, and that nothing important ever gets done without effective and efficient communication. As technology and systems change, we change with them and at a very fast pace. We value creating financial freedom for ourselves and for others, long walks on the beach, and cold drinks after a long day.

We believe that the definition of Rockstar is - Great Communicator. Once you've filled out your application, send an email to Titled "My Real Estate Experience" and tell us about (you guessed it) your real estate experience! There are no wrong answers here, we just want to know a little bit more about you.

Requirements for All Positions

  • Bookkeeping Experience, preferably having worked on multiple companies simultaneously
  • Speak fluent English
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Detail Oriented
  • Stable, consistent access to the internet

Experience Preferred:

  • Quickbooks Online Plus or Advanced
  • Receipt Bank or Hubdoc
  • Loom, Zoom, or similar video conference software
  • Google Drive, Docs, and Sheets

Role: Bookkeeping Assistant (Month-End, Independent Contractor)

Pay: Flat Rate based on projects worked, Month-to-month engagement



  • Document Management and Implementation:
    • Third Party ledgers (bank statements, property management statements)
    • Receipts with job codes or addresses
    • Purchase, Sale, Loan, and Refinance documents
  • Month-end Bookkeeping Tasks:
    • Data Entry and Reconciliation
    • Job Costing per property
    • Proper use of Quickbooks Online and Receipt Bank
  • Team & Communication:
    • Work with other team members inside (project management software)
    • Deadline sensitive and proactive
    • Anticipate and report on potential roadblocks to project completion

We are looking for a team member that:

  • Is an accounting whiz with an eye for detail
  • Understands that asking is better than guessing
  • Would rather deliver a reconciled, organized list of questions than delay progress because they're waiting for feedback
  • Is able to communicate promptly over email or video call
  • Knows how to stay organized and prioritize tasks
  • Can follow directions and propose more efficient processes
  • describes Rockstar as Great Communicator in their application

Other Roles, pending success as a Bookkeeping Assistant: 

  • Quality Control - oversee bookkeeping tasks
  • Video Review - deliver summary review and analysis
  • Upkeep - weekly bookkeeping, accounts payable, and accounts receivable
  • Client Manager - consultations, final approval, onboarding and cleanup
  • Coordinator - project management, communications, scheduling